Al makes his debut as Santa

Al isn’t sure he’s cut out to be Santa and neither is Mrs Tembe. When he gets out there among the kids, he initially struggles and Niamh has to gee him up by offering him a bribe – tickets for a night out at the cinema for a ‘Die Hard’ double bill. Al makes an effort and Niamh’s delighted.

Simon takes his son, Tom, to the Christmas Fete, which is in Mrs Tembe’s church. When Simon’s back is turned, Kim, who runs the cake stall, offers to take Tom to see Santa. Simon bursts into the grotto, shouting at Kim. Mrs Tembe interrupts, Kim was only trying to help and it was unreasonable of him to speak to her like that. Simon apologises for being snappy and it’s clear there’s a spark between them.

Ayesha brings Sierra to see Santa. But just as Niamh is telling Mrs Tembe what a great Santa Al has been, Tom appears and pulls Santa’s beard. Al’s beard comes off, and his Santa act comes crashing down, along with his grotto. Niamh can’t help laughing but Mrs Tembe is most disapproving.