Al makes it to Darwin’s house

Al records his final video diary at Darwin’s house and decides there’s one more thing he needs to do before heading back to Letherbridge. Despite his views on religion, Al takes a big step – to find Kirsty.

Zara consoles Andrew, whose mother has just died, and offers him a lift home but the bailiffs are there and instruct Andrew to leave the property. Andrew heads off to start a new life on the streets. After being harassed by some teenagers, Andrew is grateful when someone extends a helping hand to him but unknown to him he is with Tommy’s murderer.

Meanwhile, Rob and Addison investigate claims about an empty building being set up as an illegal squat. Later, Jimmi calls for any news on Cam since his release and Rob casually mentions the premises he saw earlier.

Later, Zara discovers Daniel has withdrawn a substantial sum from their back account. Thinking on his feet, Daniel opts for a convincing lie but we know Daniel financed the new squat, so that Dave would keep quiet about their prison past.