Al and Mrs Tembe bond over shopping

The pair have a heart to heart while hitting the shops

Al needs some time off and checks with Mrs Tembe that his request is OK. Mrs Tembe gives Al the time off and he reveals that he’s going to see his mother and give her a Christmas gift; before Al knows it, Mrs Tembe has roped him into going Christmas shopping together! Will the pair find what they are looking for? Or will it be the shopping trip form hell?

Meanwhile, Karen and Rob get a call about a new foster child and it’s Lily. At first, Rob is unsure about taking on a pregnant teenager but Karen is taken with Lily and is desperate to give her a home. When Rob gets chatting with the teenager, the pair hit it off. However, when Lily finds out that Rob is a policeman, she starts to worry that her boyfriend Austin won’t visit her anymore. What exactly is she hiding?