Anton Vasiloff, the esteemed Russian Astrophysicist starts to feel unwell and Al realises he has Diptheria. Al quarantines Anton and asks him to draw up a list of everyone he’s been in contact with. Top of that list is his daughter Nina, but it’s her wedding day. Nina pleads with Al to let the ceremony take place before they see her father and Al relents.    

Jimmi tells Karen he has tickets for a romantic film and is planning to surprise Heather but then he finds out that she’s having a girl’s night in with Emma and Niamh. But he’s delighted when Heather invites him along.

Mrs Tembe tells Barry that she’s seen an advertisement for the new Assistant Head of Security and encourages Barry to apply.

With Daniel away, Zara’s been left in charge of the Granger clinic and when Karen reminds her she’s signed up for the after hours shift, she pleads with the childminder to keep Joe on. Later, Zara gets home, eager to spend time with Joe but is disappointed to find that he’s fast asleep.