Al receives a phone call from a mysterious American, saying that he wants to talk to the man behind the idea, not the money man. At lunch, Carlo and Al get caught up in the beauty of pure mathematics, and Al grumbles that Howard only cares about money. Carlo suggests that Al go solo and he’s gobsmacked at the amount Carlo is offering.

Emma’s feeling down and brings up the menopause with Daniel. He finds some articles for her to read and she’s grateful. Daniel points out that he knows Zara went through it, and if she can… She thanks him for everything he’s done for her.

Niamh deals with a former army Major, Hugh, who’s struggling to cope with the truth that his comrade, Jack, died a coward. He wants to tell Jack’s family the truth but Niamh disagrees. They think Jack died a hero, why change that? When Hugh sees the expectant family waiting to hear what he has to say, he simply can’t tell the truth.