Al sets up a camera in Jas’s flat!

Al’s alarmed to hear about Jas’s rather scatty approach to her home security and offers to changes her locks for her. Mandy and Chris have rattled her with their teasing, so she gratefully hands over her keys to Al. He changes the locks and puts three keys in his pocket and then, unable to help himself, he has a look around Jas’s house, smells her perfume and picks up her nightgown. Later, Al gives Jas’s keys to Mrs Tembe to give to Jas but, when she hands them over, there are only two keys. When Jas comes home, someone is watching her on a monitor via a hidden camera in her house…

Liam takes more Quack and has compiled detailed notes on the effects he has experienced so far. As The Mill reflects on Edward’s death, Heston thinks Liam is late for work but he’s actually in the surgery toilets taking more Quack. Over the course of the day, Liam starts to feel unwell and Kevin finds him collapsed in a consulting room – he’s in a bad way. Heston arrives and is shocked that Kevin thinks Liam has taken Quack. Liam appears to be having an anaphylactic reaction and, as his airways swell, Kevin and Heston perform an emergency tracheotomy – but will it be enough to save him?

Also, Daniel struggles to put things right when he inadvertently puts a patient in danger.