When Niamh goes to Al for a second opinion on a patient’s osteoarthritis, he’s alarmed by how little she knows about this condition. Nonetheless, Al’s helpful and gives Niamh some pointers on treatments and, armed with this information, Niamh dashes off to call her patient. When Al later discovers Niamh really is out of her depth on certain medical issues, he invites her over to his that evening for a master class and Niamh is delighted.

Howard notes the banter between them and asks Al to be an official mentor to Niamh as it can be tough to be the new kid on the block but quickly feels the need to check that Al isn’t sweet on Niamh – they don’t want a repeat of the ‘Jas’ incident. Annoyed, Al reminds Howard he was cleared of any wrongdoing. He’s perfectly capable of mentoring a colleague and if Howard doesn’t trust him it’s his loss!

Karen hasn’t heard from Rob in a few days when he comes to see her to reveal he went to see their daughter Imogen in London after her purse was stolen. He worries that Karen has no real connection with the kids – how will she feel when their have their own kids and she becomes a granny?

Karen hides her horror but then it’s Rob’s turn to look horrified when Karen says her therapist Anna thinks a session with both of them would be a good idea. Rob’s not keen but clearly wants to fight for their relationship so, later, Karen phones Anna to book an appointment for tomorrow before Rob can change his mind…

Also, Heston meets a young woman who spots some rare medical symptoms that could save someone’s life.