Al tries to reason with Karen

Karen wants to go to a club later but Al thinks it’s a bad idea. Karen reminds him she’s lost memories of her entire adult life and just wants to live for the moment. Later, Al apologises and manages to persuade Karen to come out with him and Jimmi instead. At the pub, Karen’s off getting another round of drinks as Jimmi spots someone he knows from the police station and heads over for a chat.

Meanwhile, Karen’s got talking to someone called Phil at the bar but is annoyed when an overprotective Al interrupts them. But when she discovers Jimmi’s talking to someone from the police station, she figures out Rob has asked someone to spy on her. Karen storms off, saying she is going to the ladies, but heads back to the bar where she scribbles her phone number down and tells Phil to give her a call some time.

Elsewhere, Valerie corners Zara into agreeing to let her come round this evening so they can rehearse the panto together. As they rehearse the final scene, Zara is mortified when Valerie moves in for a kiss – Daniel’s seen the whole thing and winds Zara up as she gives him murderous looks. Just as Zara thinks things couldn’t get any worse Valerie invites herself and Ashley over on Christmas Day!

Also, Emma gets involved with a pair of work colleagues who have been living a lie for years. She advises them to address their issues – but is she too late?