Al and Jimmi are keen to see who’ll show up at The Mill today; it’s the first day for a new doctor. Al’s hopeful it will be Fallon, the doctor he developed a crush on during her interview day, so he’s put out when it turns out to be motormouth Niamh. Apart from some near-the-knuckle jokes about killing patients, Niamh seems confident until Karen produces her first patient notes and she locks herself in her room to have a private panic attack. 

The morning passes without incident, though, and Al’s riled to hear that patients love Niamh’s warm and likable manner, so he’s secretly delighted when he later finds Niamh trying to figure out a diagnosis with Dr Google. Despite himself, Al helps Niamh find the relatively simple diagnosis and she’s so thankful, she responds by kissing Al on the cheek! Could Al soon count himself among Niamh’s long list of fans?

Also, Emma meets a young mother whose independence had meant she’s unable to feed herself and her child.