Beth, a chronic OCD sufferer on a mobility scooter, recruits Al on a journey to check on her friend Irene who she believes called her that morning. Al realises the true extent of Beth’s OCD and how much it hinders her life.

When they get there Al’s amazed to discover she was right – Irene does need her help. He challenges Beth to manage to get home on her own and to his delight he sees a light on in her house later on.

Heston’s excited about the symposium but while he’s full of confidence, he’s dreading Jimmi’s speech. However, it’s actually Heston’s speech that’s a disaster. Jimmi decides to ditch his speech and talk openly about living and working with OCD and is a hit with the audience. 

Also, Mandy moves out of Freya’s and into a new house of her own.