Al wants to stay close to Jas

Al bumps into Jas in the morning and suggests they play a game of slipping as many clichés into a converstation – it’s clear that the time he gets to spend with Jas is what’s keeping him going after losing his aunt. In a slightly creepy way, he listens into Jas’s phone call through her door and hears she’s going to spin class later. He gets Daniel to cover some of his patients so he can try and orchestrate seeing her before she leaves, but misses her. Al makes a note – Tuesday, 5pm, Spin Class – he’s keeping track of Jas’s routine…

When Jas and Mandy notice Karen scratching, she puts down to mosquito bites but, on closer inspection, Jimmi tells Karen she actually has flees. Word soon gets round The Mill that Karen is infested, and Howard sends Karen home so that she doesn’t infest the whole practice. Karen turns up at the police station accusing Rob of infecting her thanks to all the tramps he deals with daily – Rob says it’s far more likely to be the stray cat she insists on feeding. Karen tells Rob she refuses to set foot in the house until HE’S had it fumigated – she’s going to stay with Angie.

Meanwhile, Liam comes into the surgery in a panic – he’s got an intense headache and fears that it may be a stroke or a brain tumour. Jas quizzes him on his alcohol consumption and learns he’s been splashing the cash since he was the recipient of Heston’s money. Mandy and Al convince Jas not to tell Heston – but one more strike and he’s out!

Also, Zara is concerned that Daniel doesn’t have any other friends when he agrees to take on some of Al’s patients, arguing that he’s the closest thing to a friend that he has at the moment. And Kevin helps a ‘Tin Man’ with a problem of the heart.