Al is worried about his mother

Is Eve losing her memory?

Alarms bells start ringing for Al when his mother phones and asks him what time he’ll be coming for dinner. Confused, Al tells his mother he came last week and she quickly pretends that she was tired and forgot. Will Al bury his head in the sand or will he face up to the fact that his mother’s mind could be deteriorating?

Meanwhile, Emma doesn’t even get through the front door of The Mill before Valerie asks her a million and one questions about why Zara, Daniel and Joe have been taken away by the police. Mrs Tembe calls a meeting and fills in the staff about Daniel and Zara’s current situation.

Elsewhere, Joe is getting restless as he’s cooped up in a hotel room with Zara and Daniel. Daniel is also struggling to cope with what’s going on and ends up taking his frustration out on Zara and Tom. Will Tom be able to keep the family out of danger?