Jacqui is increasingly jealous of the power Trudy has over her – not to mention the money she seems to have. She’s suspicious when she hears noises coming from one of the storerooms and discovers a dodgy Vodka making operation. Elated, Jacqui now has all the ammo she needs to blackmail Trudy. Later, a lustful Alan grabs Jacqui – her memories of Gilly flooding back – until Trudy comes to her rescue.

Sinead is devastated when Diane tells her she won’t adopt the baby. She gives Diane an ultimatum – either she looks after the baby, or a stranger does. Diane agrees to do it, but Sinead starts to have second thoughts about giving up her daughter.

Will is riled when Leanne teases him about Tex not wanting to spend time with him. He knows he’s got to play dirty. When Texas discovers her final-year portfolio has been deleted from her laptop, Will suggests Leanne is the one to blame…

Also, a drowsy Maxine is frightened about what lies ahead when she finds out what Kevin’s up to. She tricks him into thinking she’s still taking her pills and grabs at the chance to escape. However, he stops her just in time and tries to make her see what Walker’s up to.