Aleks has a big question for Roxy

Ronnie is awake now and starting to talk. Although happy about her sister’s recovery, Roxy is also terrified that she knows about her and Charlie. Taking Charlie aside, Roxy insists that they need to forget about what happened between them. Visiting Ronnie with Matthew proves too much for Roxy, who turns to Charlie for support. Meanwhile, Aleks is with Phil, asking for Roxy’s hand in marriage. Charlie finds out Aleks’s plan, warning Roxy before Aleks can get to her. When Aleks gets Roxy alone he pulls out a ring… Then asks Roxy how long she’s been sleeping with Charlie!

Mick and the family get together to discuss Stan’s funeral plans with Billy and Pam. When Shirley turns up with Buster there’s soon trouble after Buster offers to pay for Stan’s funeral. Meanwhile, Max offers to pay for Jim’s funeral, as he’s quite flush with all the new business. Jay spots something suspicious about one of the cars Max recently sold – the cars that Karin provided are stolen.

Masood is on a mission to find a wife for Tamwar, not realising that Tamwar has a crush on Nancy. While Tamwar spends more time with Nancy, he finds out something shocking about Aleks… That Aleks has been overcharging customers at the market and pocketing the money for himself.