Roxy and Aleks are back and a smitten Roxy wants Aleks to move in. He’s interrupted by a text, however, rushing to the market office, where his wife Marta and daughter Ineta are waiting! Playing the loving husband, Aleks puts Marta and Ineta into a taxi saying he’ll meet them at their B&B. Packing his bags and posting his keys through the letter box, Aleks sets off… then turns up on Roxy’s doorstep saying he’s ready to move in.

Nancy is holding a Musical Bingo night at The Vic, but with Linda still on edge, the family are increasingly worried about her. When Nancy tries to make up with Linda after the previous night’s events, Linda is rattled to learn the necklace Nancy is wearing was from Dean. Linda braves Dean to tell him to stay away from her family. Meanwhile, Mick makes a call asking for someone’s help…

Max can’t explain himself to an angry Lauren and Abi, who confront him over his affair with Emma. When it’s clear that Max is really keen on Emma, Lauren encourages her dad to tell Emma how he feels. Opening up to Emma, Max leans in for a kiss but is stopped in his tracks when she makes a confession, revealing she’s engaged to another man!