Alesha puts the doc in the dock

Alesha Phillips is determined to prosecute noted gynaecologist Alec Merrick, after he is accused by one of his patients of sexual assault during his examination of her. DS Ronnie Brooks and DS Matt Devlin, along with DI Natalie Chandler, have investigated the woman’s accusation but despite their best efforts it boils down to being a case of the doctor’s word against his patient’s.

Sexual assault charges are notoriously difficult to prove when there are no witnesses and the harsh reality is that the detectives really don’t have enough evidence to bring a case against the doctor. Senior prosecutor James Steel and his boss, Director of the Crown Prosecution, George Castle, agree that they don’t have enough to take the case to court – but Alesha feels differently…

Alesha is determined to put Merrick in the dock and, against her boss’s orders, she takes drastic action to get more evidence. Her plan works but there is still no guarantee of a conviction – especially when the team is up against formidable defence barrister Phyllis Gladstone. Just who is the jury going to believe?

*Last in the series*