Nicholas Bailey (EastEnders), Kimberley Nixon (Cranford) and Roger Stiles (Coronation Street) are the guest stars in a hard-hitting episode which sees junior prosecutor Alesha Phillips forced to face the demons that have haunted her since she was raped by a doctor in series one.

The story opens with DS Ronnie Brooks and DS Jamie Bamber investigating the stabbing of student Archie Rahman. They seem to be going around in circles as their only clue – a library book taken out the day Archie was murdered – leads them to two other students. The problem is: these two give each other an alibi. Brooks and Bamber know they’re lying, but proving it is hard work. And when they do finally break down their defences they then have to get a confession.

Eventually, the killer admits everything, but claims to have acted in self defence. Archie was a sexual predator and deserved everything he got – according to the defendant. Alesha struggles with her role in the legal team and Senior Prosecutor James Steel finds himself in the difficult position of prosecuting a killer and defending a dead victim. The defence would have the jury believe that the killer is also a victim. To get the right verdict, James needs to know exactly what happened on the day of the murder…