It was only a week ago that Moira laughed at Alex when he tried to kiss her. Now look at them! She’s old enough to be his mother, but there’s nothing motherly about the way she snogs his face off. And, yes, SHE kisses HIM! It’s Alex who makes the first move – again – but this time Moira doesn’t laugh. She can’t deny that she’s flirted with him and she can’t deny that she’s attracted to him so she kisses him – passionately. But she tells Alex that it’s a one-off. There will be no more kissing and definitely no more of anything more than kissing…

If only Marlon and Paddy and Rhona could kiss and make up. But Marlon’s gone too far. He’s been to see a solicitor and a furious Rhona tells Paddy she’s going to see a lawyer, too. Rhona doesn’t hear anything helpful, though and tells Paddy they might not be able to go to New Zealand. Both angry, they confront Marlon – and things are said, nasty things. But Marlon hits where it hurts most when he points out that Leo is not Paddy’s son.

Charity points out to Carl and Jimmy that they’re overstaffed – and she’s not just talking about Edna.