Alex, get out of my life!

Leah lays into Alex over his drug dealing, and is incensed when she realises he used her as a drug mule. After agonising over whether or not to report him to the police, Leah finally decides to wash her hands of him, and tells him she never wants to see him again.

Martha and Jack go on a picnic in the countryside, but things go wrong when they get lost and decide to have the picnic on a farm. Their fun is cut short when Bruce Campbell arrives brandishing a shotgun and tries to chuck them off the farm – but when he realises Jack is a cop, he makes a run for it.

Martha urges Jack not to give chase, but when he goes anyway, promising not to be long, Martha is furious. Jack follows Bruce back to his farmhouse and gives him a dressing down. Satisfied, Jack returns to his car, but is frustrated to discover he has a flat tyre. A while later, Jack arrives back at the picnic site, only to find Martha gone.

Jack arrives home, believing Martha is back safe. Little does he know that she is stranded in the bush, having been caught in the storm.