Alex is the first casualty of John’s delusions

Farmer John is forced to pull his head out of the manure and face reality: all his hard work – and the unpaid overtime of Andy and Alex, plus friends’ massive support – hasn’t made enough money to pay Declan. Adam goes to Declan and pleads with him to stop punishing his family for his stupidity, but Declan won’t budge. John has to sell his 4×4 to get the cash – and he can only do that because Andy agrees to lend him his vehicle. Moira is devastated and tells John he can’t hide from their problems any more. That means Alex is out of a job and Andy’s got less of a job than he had – and John can’t look them in the eye as he tells them the bad news.

Life is very different for Jimmy and Nicola, too. Jimmy shows Nicola the new him – and she’s not sure she likes it. With the new Jimmy she doesn’t get her own way, no matter how much she shouts and stamps her feet. Oooooooh, macho man!

There’s never been anything macho about Bob, but Hazel appreciates his friendship and says ‘yes’ to him moving in with her – as long as he’s clear it is just as a mate. She’s not up for any funny business…