Alex complains of feeling ill and convinces Michelle to let him stay off school and at the Rovers for a little while longer. Ryan is furious as he suspects that Alex is lying. Steve is equally suspicious and leaves Amy in Alex’s care while he pops out. Steve returns to discover that Alex has let Amy wander off and he’s livid. Alex is frightened by his fury and locks himself in the pub. Sean is over the moon about being a dad and he doesn’t notice that Jamie and Violet are getting irritated by his presence at the hospital. Jamie points out to Violet that they need to get away from Weatherfield or they will never get the chance to be a proper family. Tony is determined to make the most of his time with Carla and he insists that she let Liam run the business for a while. Liam is irritated with Tony’s interference and he’s amazed that Carla has agreed to take a back seat at the factory simply to please her man. Also, Gail is forced out of the house when David and Tina decide to stay in, but Audrey points out that David is finally behaving like a normal teen! *Second episode, 8.30pm* Violet and Jamie make plans for their move away from Weatherfield and they give up their tenancy at the flat. Lauren is flat-hunting and she is shocked when she enquires about a flat and discovers that it’s Violet and Jamie’s. Lauren confronts Violet and Jamie and is stunned when she realises they are planning to do a runner. Lauren warns Sean about their plans. Michelle tries to coax Alex into opening the door to the pub and letting them all back inside. Alex is on the point of opening the door when he panics after hearing Steve telling Liz that he may have to call the police. Michelle finally talks him into letting them in and Alex opens the door. Alex breaks down and pleads with Michelle that he can’t bear the thought of going back to Wendy’s and Michelle agrees to let him stay. David was hoping for a romantic night in with Tina but things don’t go according to plan when Tina talks about being mates with her ex-boyfriend and David is consumed with jealousy. Tina insists that they are nothing more than friends, but David doesn’t seem convinced. Also, Lauren gives Darryl the run-around; Tony and Carla are still playing mind games with each other.