Moira’s starting to see just what it was that Hannah saw in Alex. It’s more than a year since Alex bedded the farmer’s daughter and now it’s starting to look like it’s time for him to come to Mama! Moira actually starts by encouraging Alex to get back on Victoria’s good side. But he tries to do that by pouring a pint all over himself in The Woolpack. What is she supposed to think? That he’s a big drip? That’s sure what he looks like! But that’s not what he looks like to Moira when she finds him dripping wet in her kitchen, topless. There Alex is, sucking in his stomach and flirting with Moira – and she’s not complaining!

Carl’s doing a lot of complaining – mainly to Jimmy about their lack of business. He’s finding it difficult to carry on trucking, but he has declared he’s not desperate enough to do business with Charity. Strangely, Charity’s thrilled to hear this – and that means she’s up to something. Careful, Carl, you could just end up spinning your wheels.

Brenda’s head is spinning. One minute she had Pollard, the next it seems she’s losing him to Val. How? It’s Amy; Val and Pollard are bonding over what to do about the reappearance of Amy’s mum, Kerry, and there’s nothing Brenda can do about that.