Alex sneaks back to Coronation Street at the crack of dawn and when he bumps into Norris he reveals that Michelle is his mum. Alex spies Michelle and Ryan looking closer than ever and, feeling rejected, he leaves. Meanwhile, Norris has let the entire street in on the gossip.

Michelle panics when Nick phones and tells her that Alex has gone missing, but he claims that Alex has pulled a disappearing trick several times before. Alex turns up at the pub escorted by a police officer after telling the police that he lives with his mum at the Rovers!

Jack is feeling suffocated by Rita and Emily’s kindly concern and he slips into the betting shop to hide from them. Jack realises that the last day he placed a bet was the day Vera died and he never checked to see if he’d won. Dan looks it up on the records and Jack is delighted when he discovers that he’s won £3,000. But he’s horrified when he remembers that Vera hid the betting slip ‘somewhere safe’. Will he ever get his money?

Also, Steve wearily agrees to let an enthusiastic Liz redecorate the Rovers; Becky moves in to flat-sit Roy’s flat.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Michelle is forced to take responsibility for Alex when the police officer reveals that Alex has been shoplifting food and she admits that she’s his mother. Alex tells Michelle that he’d rather sleep rough than return to Nick or Wendy as he’s never felt as if he belonged.

Wendy arrives to collect Alex and she insists that he can’t stay with Michelle, but after realising the force of his feelings she sadly agrees to let him spend a few days with Michelle. Meanwhile, Ryan is angry when he discovers that Norris has told everyone that Alex is Michelle’s son and he’s furious when Michelle reveals that she has agreed to take in Alex for a few days.

Jack still hasn’t found his betting slip despite Tyrone and Paul turning the Duckworth’s upside down and Harry refuses to hand over the winnings to Jack without the ticket. Tyrone worries that Jack is having second thoughts about selling him and Molly the house when he says he needs a chat, but in fact he encourages them to get the house sale moving again.

Also, Violet is getting increasingly exasperated with Sean’s excessive baby talk, while Sean is still troubled that Violet is insisting on a home birth.