Alf is back in the Surf Club, a free man. He’s anxious to resume his old life and his old job. But it’s not long before he starts to see some of the changes John made while he was in custody and he isn’t pleased. Growing more and more frustrated with these changes, Alf confronts John and tells him that he plans to fight him tooth and nail for control of the Surf Club’s future.

Lily hears that Will has been arrested and she demands to see him. Irene takes her down to the police station but Will can’t bring himself to speak to his daughter. However, Lily is determined and won’t leave. Alf comes to see Will and the two of them discuss how Will’s feeling. Alf manages to convince Will to talk to his daughter. Will finally agrees to see Lily.

Colleen, excited and relieved about Alf’s release from prison, decides that they should have a party to celebrate. Though Morag doesn’t think it’s a good idea, Colleen is determined and starts the preparations. Colleen excludes Irene from the celebrations, much to Alf’s annoyance, and he goes to see Irene to make amends.

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