The morning of Ric’s fight, he gets a call from Viv who is so scared Noel isn’t going to support her through her pregnancy, that she has decided to leave him. Later, as Ric, Alf, and Tony arrive at the fight location, Ric reassures Alf that he wants to go through with the sting. Ric is shocked to see Noel has brought Viv to the fight � clearly her escape plan didn’t work.

Later, Ric worries when he gets a call from Jack who reveals the task force that was going to do the raid has been diverted. The cops are trying to put together a new team, but they need time to do it which means Ric has to stall the fight. After stalling for a while, Ric runs out of excuses and stoically heads towards the ring. It is left to Alf and Tony to get Ric out of a very dangerous situation.

Disgusted after finding out about Nicole’s bet, Roman lays into his daughter and tells her she�s lucky she didn�t win the bet or she would be on the first bus home. Sulking, she sends her mum a text requesting to return home, before texting Aden telling him she is leaving Summer Bay.

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