Alf almost loses it when Marilyn tells him she’s told Colleen they already got married. He admonishes her and insists she set the record straight with Colleen. Colleen is outraged by the news about Alf and Marilyn and her ranting to Irene and Leah gets to them – they tell her the truth and Colleen is completely miffed. She’s going to make them pay.

Colleen continues the lie, telling Marilyn she wants her to be part of the family, she’s arranged a venue for a reception with all their family and friends, with her own money. Marilyn and Alf know they’re in a mess now.

Romeo is embarrassed when he learns that Jill had a go at Miles and turns to Irene for advice. Jill arrives at the house, looking for Romeo, but only finds Irene and Miles. They try to be gentle but Jill’s denial of her problems gets to Irene.

John has hidden Jill in the spare room and then lets Gina in. They talk about what has really been troubling Gina with regards to the Hugo matter – but when Gina considers staying the night, John is forced to cut the situation short and gets rid of a confused Gina.

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