Alf comes up with a plan to save Pippa

Alf reveals that he’s going to sell the Blaxland boat to get Pippa the treatment she needs. Alf tells Harvey, who’s upset that the sale of the Blaxland is going to take his job away, he’s already living in a caravan because of Sally and Pippa. Unbeknown to him, Sally and Pippa have heard everything.

Maddy realises that Casey is in a much darker place than she thought when he drunkenly tries to kiss her. He passes out on the beach and Maddy runs to find help from Brax, John and Tamara. Seeing Casey unconscious causes Tamara to have flashbacks of meeting him in the desert when he was hurt. Maddy runs home to Roo, distraught that Casey is sick.

April starts to document incidents of bullying from Dr Bradley and Bradley realises that April is taking notes on her. Dr Bradley finally grants April permission to do a full examination, but she’s shocked to find the patient is Casey, who has alcohol poisoning. April performs brilliantly and Bradley gives a glowing report to her coordinator, but she has organised for April to be moved to another hospital. April is devastated.

In the aftermath of Casey alcohol poisoning, Brax tries to reach his little brother. Seeing him so vulnerable triggers Tamara to remember everything she has lost with Casey.