Alf confronts Roo over her lies

Roo returns home from hospital and Marilyn wants to keep the peace between Roo and Alf. With tensions running high, Marilyn invents a problem in the caravan park to get Alf out of the house. Eventually the father and daughter duo come to blows when Alf wants to know why Roo kept her trip to Peru a secret.

After Ms. Taylor’s news that Maddy will have to repeat Year Eleven, the troubled teen starts to push everyone away. Marilyn sits down with her for a heart to heart and she confesses she loves Josh despite her actions of late. When Josh asks Maddy to meet up she fears the worst.

Kyle and Phoebe return home after their mini break and when Phoebe hears that John has a friend in real estate she begs him for his number. She organises a secret viewing with their potential landlord, but when he asks for a deposit, she steals the money from Angelo’s. Unaware of her plan, Kyle is left seething with jealousy when he sees Phoebe with their new landlord.