Alf does a deal with Josh and Maddy

When Marilyn mediates a discussion about Josh and Maddy’s relationship, Alf lays down the law – they are not allowed to have sex in his house. However, Alf finally comes around, telling them that if they’re responsible what they do in the bedroom is their business.

After sleeping with Brax, Ricky makes a fast exit from the Braxton house. Later, Nate puts the pieces together – Brax has been with Ricky again. Nate finds Ricky and they finally end things, leaving Nate shattered. Ricky tells Brax she wants to be with him and when Brax asks her if she wants to move back in, they kiss passionately.

Maddy asks Oscar for his advice about her intimacy dilemma, forcing Oscar to reveal he’s a virgin. It’s clear that Maddy’s comfortable with Oscar as a friend, but he isn’t, and takes it out on Zac – he doesn’t want to be the ‘friend’ any more. Upset at Oscar’s reaction, Zac hits the bottle again.

John tells Marilyn that he visited Gina’s grave. Trying to help, Marilyn points out that Gina lives on through John and Jett, and that should be something to celebrate. John appreciates the thought, but he’s still no closer to feeling ready for the memorial.