Alf gives Hugo a surprise ultimatum

Hugo discovers a small fire at the farm, started by cigarettes. He knows his pursuers are lurking and decides to take off. Martha is devastated and confides in Alf. Alf confronts Hugo and surprises him by imploring Hugo not to run. Hugo should find a way to deal with his issues while staying put.

Leah and Elijah bask in their happiness. Alf is pleased for them and Miles’s doubts about their hasty decision vanish when he realises how right they are together.

Jill tries to psyche herself up for a visit with Romeo. John reluctantly agrees to have a drink with her and discuss her problems. Jill finally shows up at Romeo’s, plastered. Romeo is upset but Nicole points out that at least his mother keeps coming back and trying to make their relationship work. Romeo’s used to forgiving her and this is no exception. But when Jill turns up drunk at school, Romeo is deeply upset.

John asks Tony to put in a good word for him with Gina. Tony, who disapproves of the way John treats his sister, refuses, but he can’t help acknowledging John seems genuine. Gina agrees to meet John to talk. But when she arrives, she finds John with Jill again. She walks away.

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