Alf, Justin and Scarlett are enjoying their time away from the Bay. As the three friends continue to fish, they are unaware that a stranger with blood dripping from their hand is watching them. With the trio being distracted by their fishing adventures, the stranger makes their way to their boat. What exactly is he plotting? The next morning, Alf decides to go and collect some wood for the fire – but when he bumps into the stranger, will he come back alive?

Marilyn and John are looking for Alf but Roo tells them he’s away. Marilyn explains they want Alf to give them a reference as they are planning to start fostering again. However, Roo tells the couple not to get their hopes up, as John now has a criminal record and that has to be updated on their files. Marilyn tells Roo they have updated their files and John’s criminal convictions can be overlooked by glowing references. Is she right?

Kat has been recommended for a promotion at work and is having drinks at Salt to celebrate the good news. Ash feels pressured to go but he can’t find a babysitter for Luc. Tori offers and, at first, Ash turns her down but when Tori convinces Ash she doesn’t have a crush on him she ends up babysitting. When Kat finds out Tori’s babysitting Luc, however, she’s furious…