Charlie is surprised to learn Penn has accused Alf of beating him up. Sid reminds her Penn’s done nothing but lie ever since he arrived, but Charlie knows Alf has a motive and decides to question him. Penn crashes and Sid operates to save his life. Charlie questions Alf but he stays silent. Charlie is left with little choice but to charge him.

Dex is determined to convince Marilyn that she is meant to be with him. He rehearses a speech, goes to see her, but can’t get the speech out. Marilyn hears that Alf’s at the Police Station and Dex comforts her. But he gets a little too close and she asks if he fancies her. He denies it and scarpers.

Nicole has been distracted since the needle-stick injury, but Miles is glad to see she’s trying to study again. She tells Miles she never knows where she stands with Penn. Miles thinks that’s Penn’s game and she shouldn’t pander to it. She’s even more thrown when she learns of Penn’s beating.

Ruby is rude to Leah, and Leah’s not standing for it. She turns to Irene for help, but Ruby soon apologises. Irene buys it but Leah thinks it’s all an act.

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