Miles is worried about Alf and can’t get him to open up. It’s clear that something’s up and Miles tries to get Irene to talk to him. She attempts to get him to say what’s bothering him so much but she has little success. When Alf returns to his room he has a horrible surprise. Penn has scattered pictures of Tulip everywhere.

John has embraced April’s hybrid bus scheme with open arms and is keen to go through with it. However, Xavier is not comfortable knowing April hasn’t told John the whole truth and can’t convince her to come clean.

Gina realises something’s up with Xavier but he manages not to tell her. Finally he realises he can’t bear John not knowing. He gives April a choice – either she tells him, or he does…

Bianca has failed at convincing Vittorio not to come to the bay and Liam, thinking he’s second choice, is bitter about it. Bianca is confused about her feelings towards him and Liam. Liam isn’t sure what to do but realises he needs to talk to Bianca about it. They agree to stop fighting but he tells her she’ll have to make her mind up soon!

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