Alf is haunted by Mr Oddly

Alf sees Marilyn’s ventriloquist’s doll and snaps. He buries it in the garden but a muddy Mr Oddly turns up on the doorstep. Alf questions Marilyn and Miles and they assume a dog found it. Alf knows that he buried Mr Oddly so the whole thing seems impossible. Alf finds Mr Oddly footprints leading up to the house, as though he walked there by himself…

Charlie is worried about Angelo. He’s jobless and unhappier every day. Alf offers Angelo a job at the Bait Shop, which he grudgingly takes.

Tony is excited about his female boxing classes. He reiterates to Gina and Rachel that it’s about fitness, not violence. Rachel is still upset that Tony’s ignoring her concerns. Gina tells Rachel that John asked her to move in with him. She’s weighed it up and the worst that can happen is they break up. Now she just has to sell the idea to Xavier. Gina says no to John’s offer… but only because she wants him to move in with her and Xavier. John says yes and as Gina predicted, Xavier doesn’t react well.

Ruby is thrilled to hear that Liam has booked a recording session at a studio. Now they just have to choose which songs to record.

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