Alf is hurt

Will Alf survive?

Alf wakes up to find himself trapped under a slab of concrete at the bottom of a sinkhole in the Summer Bay High science lab. As he fights to break free, he realises that he’s not alone and someone else is hidden beneath the rubble.

Earlier in the day, before his accident, Alf discovers that Hunter has been sleeping at The Bait Shop. Hunter tells Alf that he couldn’t return home with so much tension between himself and Olivia, and storms off. With Hunter without a home, Leah asks him to move back in with her and he accepts her offer. However, Leah and Irene decide to intervene and see if they can bring the pair back together…

With Coco in a subdued mood as she waits on the results of Maggie’s biopsy results, Ryder and Raffy decide they need to put a smile on Coco’s face. Ryder decides to hijack the school’s PA system and dedicate a romantic song to Coco. Ryder’s outlandish romantic gesture puts a smile on Coco’s face but it also lands him in detention. Roo calls Alf to school to speak to Ryder about his behaviour when tragedy strikes and there’s a huge crash in front of the school causing a gas line to explode!