On the morning of Pippa’s farewell party, Alf rises early and collects his fishing gear. With Pippa’s party in full swing, Sally can’t help but notice that Alf is not there. When Alf returns late, Roo is waiting up for him. Alf admits that he’s scared that it really is goodbye, if the treatment doesn’t work it could be that last time he sees Pippa. The next morning, Alf manages to say goodbye.

When Jett sees that Winston has trumped John’s simple flower delivery with two bunches of roses, he steals John’s credit card. When Marilyn receives a pair of expensive earrings she seeks John out to return them. John is perplexed until Heath arrives with a pizza delivery that Jett also ordered. When John and Winston start fighting, Marilyn tells both men she doesn’t want to spend time with either of them!

Hannah decides to go to the lodge by herself, but a man stops her and threatens to call the police. Hannah returns and tells Zac that the man who stopped her was Murray, the Lodge’s spiritual leader. Zac tells her they have no legal claim over the kids and there’s nothing they can do. Back at the lodge, Oscar calls Zac and tells him that he needs help, but the call is disconnected.