Alf offers to take Lottie out fishing on his boat to help her with her school assignment but Roo’s quick to point out that the last time she went boating her brother died. Lottie, however, seems happy to take Alf up on his offer but Roo is still doubtful. Her fears are unfounded as the three enjoy a day fishing, while Lottie even opens up about there little brother, Ben.

Brax allows father Danny to stay for one night but tensions between the brothers make Danny decide to move out – to the caravan park down the road. Meanwhile, Brax tells his mother of her husband’s release and tries to find a way to protect her from him.

Romeo is searching for a new job to help provide for the baby but Ruby isn’t happy with the way things are between them. She feels as if the announcement of her pregnancy has driven a wedge between them but can’t risk telling him that she’s not really pregnant. Receiving little affection from Romeo, Ruby tries to kiss Casey when he tries to comfort her.