Gina grills Xavier about the money. Xavier is furious that she opened the locker. She realises Martha’s known about the money all along. Martha tells Gina the money was Hugo’s and he left it to Xavier. Gina insists it’s dirty money that should have been turned over to the cops. Gina wonders what to do with the money but Martha thinks it’s up to Xavier. Hugo trusted him to do the right thing.

Xavier tells Martha he thinks Hugo’s still alive and in witness protection. Martha thinks it’s something Xavier wants to believe rather than something that’s true. Then Xavier reveals he found a photo of him and Hugo, with a fresh loaf of bread. Martha is at the end of her tether and confides to Alf. Alf decides to tell Martha the truth

Nicole begs Charlie to give Aden a chance but Charlie insists she can’t talk about the case. Charlie tells Justin and Aden that the prosecutor has enough evidence to charge them both with conspiracy to commit murder. Justin suddenly remembers what happened. Will the truth set him and Aden free?

And Rachel is furious that Tony has agreed to box John. There’s a difference between wanting to teach kids boxing and wanting to beat someone up.

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