Alf wises up to Bridget

Bridget makes a copy of Leah’s driving licence and suspiciously books a flight to Darwin for the weekend. Meanwhile, Alf starts getting enquiries from people who paid for advertisements on his boats but haven’t seen them appear. Later, he is outraged to discover that Bridget has just been pocketing the cash for herself.

With Melody sneaking out at night, drinking and talking back to teachers at school, her friends are unhappy with the amount of time she spends with Matthew and the bad influence he is beginning to have on her. But Nicole tells Jai and Ruby they should let her learn her mistakes.

But when Nicole hears that Karl, one of the boys doing community service with Aden, is having a party and Melody is going, she decides to go to protect her. When she gets to the party, Matthew is nowhere to be seen and Karl is trying to take advantage of a drunken Melody. Nicole immediately steps in and takes Melody home.

Belle is disbelieving when Fitzgerald questions whether Angelo assaulted her, after Belle admits she didn’t actually see Angelo do it. Belle is discharged from hospital believing the police are protecting one of their own.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday January 15*

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