Alfie and Kat are evicted!

Kat begs their landlord to let the family stay in the flat, but they’re told to get out by lunchtime. After refusing to leave, Kat stages a sit-in and the police are called. Realising that resisting won’t do Kat any good, Mick persuades Stacey to talk to Kat, who persuades Kat to leave. Mick and Linda offer a homeless Kat and Alfie a bed at the Vic for the night.

After persuading Emma to get back on the case by helping her out with some special enquiries, Keeble tells Emma that there was suspicious activity on Lucy’s social media accounts right after her death. Revealing that the IP address matches Lauren’s laptop, Keeble asks Emma to get hold of it. At first resisting the idea, Emma takes the laptop after all when Lauren makes a suspicious comment about Lucy’s death.

Nick has Yvonne twisted around his little finger, especially after Yvonne reveals she’s afraid Ronnie is getting in the way of her relationship with her son. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Charlie meet up with Ian to discuss ways to get rid of Nick.

Also, Stacey and Dean make their relationship official!