Alfie is nostalgic on his last day as landlord. When Kat notices that Alfie’s spent more than they agreed on her present, Kat tells a curious Mo that she’s got a surprise for Alfie. As Kat and Alfie celebrate their last night running the pub, Mo’s arranged a surprise of her own and brings in Charlie. Alfie makes an emotional speech and the regulars raise a glass to Kat and Alfie and the end of an era.

Carol is evasive about where she’s going when David questions her. He persuades her to let him give her a lift and is shocked when she wants dropping off at the hospital. After following her in, Carol lets David come into the appointment and is stunned as the consultant discusses the lump in Carol’s breast. After a mammogram, she’s sent for a biopsy. Convinced it’s cancer, Carol tearfully asks David to move back home.

Janine can’t believe David is blackmailing her and tries to make him a lower offer. David is insistent that he needs the whole amount in return for his silence. After failing to turn up the phone at either the car lot or the house, Janine goes for plan B. She finds Billy and tells him that she wants David dead.