Alfie tells Kat that he wants them to be a proper family, but Kat is sceptical. Kat discovers the toy dog she hid the money in has been put on Mo’s stall with identical toy dogs and after a search they realise it’s been sold. Alfie finds out Heather has the dog and takes the money, but leaves some cash for George. Alfie puts the remaining money on a horse and wins. Kat’s not impressed and tells him that if he wants them to be a family he has to get a proper job.

Shirley is determined to cheer up both Phil and Heather and has some stern words for Heather when she catches her crying over Minty’s departure. Shirley finds Phil at the Arches and admits she’s worried about him. Phil says he’ll be fine as long as he has her.

Darren takes a sickie to spend the afternoon with Jodie. Vanessa arrives to collect some clothes and she and Max interrupt them. When Vanessa and Max are out of the way Darren makes a move but they’re interrupted by Mo. The young couple finally make it to the bedroom and find rose petals on the bed and a bottle of sparkling wine to get them in the mood.

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