Harry is holding a concert to raise money for the troops fighting at the front, but he needs to find a headline act, so Lady Mae begs her old aquaintance, music hall tenor Richard Chapman (Alfie Boe), to help out and he agrees to take part.

Meanwhile, Bill Summertime, who met Harry at the card game last week, comes to see Harry and reveals that is working for British Intelligence and wants Harry to visit Germany on his US passport and secretly get the lowdown from German manufacturers. Although Harry is keen, Delphine warns him to be careful, but a spat with Loxley leads him to accept the proposal. However, he is stunned when Summertime tells him he has to go to Berlin straight away, and he begs Delphine not to tell Rose the truth about where he is going.

Elsewhere, amid much anti-German feeling in the store and increasingly suspicious about Henri and links he may have to Germany, Thackeray approaches Grove, who confronts Henri. The Frenchman admits he has been to Germany and promptly resigns, but later as the concert gets underway, the police turn up to question Henri on suspicion of spying.

There’s another shock in store for Agnes, however, as Victor announces that he is leaving to revive the restaurant and he wants her to join him as his wife, while Loxley locks horns with Mae over her lovers and takes the key to her bedroom.