Alfie comforts Kat at Michael’s funeral

It’s the day of Michael’s funeral, and Roxy is left at home looking after an ill Tommy while Alfie goes to the service with Kat. When Ronnie questions Roxy whether she’s sure marrying Alfie is a good idea, a defensive Roxy accuses her of being jealous. Meanwhile, at the cemetery Alfie and Kat struggle with their emotions as Michael is buried, leaning on each other for support.

Janine won’t bite when Joey attempts to get her to confess that Alice is no murderer. After refusing to go to the funeral, Janine is shaken when she finds a note from Michael hidden in her diary. Although it’s too late for the burial, Janine visits the grave, breaking down in tears. Later, Joey offers Janine some wine and a shoulder to cry on – and things soon turn to passion!

Ian is flooded with relief when Carl reveals that his debt has been settled by Phil. Visiting Denise, Ian apologises, explaining he was only trying to protect her. Denise tries to tell Ian she’s changed her mind, but he leaves before she can. Later tracking him down, Denise tells Ian she wants him back.

Also, Jake’s wife is revealed – it’s beauty salon owner Sadie!