Alfie’s latest scheme to raise money by selling Mo’s dodgy hairspray is a failure. Feeling backed into a corner, Alfie decides his only option is to start a house fire and claim the insurance. After encouraging Kat, Stacey and Mo to go to Sharon’s hen do and drop the twins off with Whitney, Alfie is about to torch the empty house when Mick arrives. Discovering what Alfie’s up to, Mick talks him out of it. Alfie can’t think of any other way out, however, and later returns to the Moons’, lighting a cigarette and throwing it in the bin…

Linda arranges a hen party for Sharon, sending her to Blades to be pampered. When Sharon arrives she’s in high spirits, but she’s brought down by a few mean comments about Phil. Things get even worse when Linda reveals Sharon’s surprise – not strippers but Phil! Unable to put on a cheerful face any longer, Sharon tries to quietly escape, but is sprung by Linda.

Dean and Lauren arrange a small gathering at Max’s house while the hen party is in full swing at The Vic. There’s still tension, however, between Lauren and Nancy. After initially saying he can’t go, Peter turns up at the mini-party, making things even more awkward.