Alfie considers desperate measures

Alfie tries all sorts of ways to raise some money but nothing seems to be working. Feeling too ashamed to tell Kat the truth, Alfie lies that he got a loan from the bank. Helping Mick out with a barbecue at the Vic, Alfie overhears something, which gives him an idea for a way out of this mess…

Mick organises a barbecue at The Vic in the hope that Linda will return for it. Meanwhile, Jay is angry when Phil doesn’t get together a reference for him for his imminent move to Bolton with Abi. After learning Summerhayes has been to the Beales’ with a new lead, Jay is desperate to leave for the North. Jay is horrified when the police turn up at the Vic barbecue and he’s taken in for questioning by Keeble and Summerhayes.

Carol has received the results of the DNA test and delivers the news to Charlie and Dot. Carol is embarrassed when it’s proved that Charlie was telling the truth all along, and Dot really is Charlie’s grandma. Charlie later visits Carol for a heart-to-heart.