Alfie discovers Roxy’s betrayal!

Roxy can’t resist texting Ronnie, asking to see her. When Ronnie turns up at the Vic, Roxy is horrified as she didn’t mean straight away! Forced to hide Ronnie in the bedroom to avoid Alfie, Roxy then sneaks her out of the Vic, although it looks like Michael has seen them. Worried, Roxy wonders whether to confess to Alfie, not knowing Michael has beaten her to it. Finding Ronnie’s scarf in the flat, Alfie realises Michael isn’t lying. Giving Roxy the opportunity to come clean, he’s heartbroken when she continues to lie.

David schemes to prove to Carol that he’s not useless by earning some cash. An attempt to get a job from Janine fails, so David heads to the car lot, finding Joey and convincing him into letting him help secure a sale. When Jack turns up and tells David to vacate the premises, he heads back to Carol’s, only for Carol to tell him that as soon as Bianca is back in a fortnight he’ll have to leave.

Joey has also noticed Lauren’s secretive behaviour and like Abi worries that she’s drinking again. Sharing his fears with Abi, he’s stunned when Abi reveals Lauren has got a new bloke. When Joey spots Lauren across the Square joking with Peter, he assumes Peter is her mystery man.