Alfie faces Phil to save his home

Kat and Alfie wake up to find a ‘For Sale’ sign has gone up outside the Vic. Marching over to Phil’s to ask him not to sell, Alfie is furious when Phil insists he’s throwing them out. When Roxy walks in, Alfie makes another impassioned plea, but Phil says he’ll only reconsider if Alfie begs Roxy’s forgiveness. Alfie leaves but returns to hurl the Queen Vic bust through Phil’s front window!

Alice’s solicitor Mr Sager tells Carol and Joey that Alice’s best chance is to plead guilty, but Joey won’t accept it. When Carol tells Alice, Joey rages at her, not wanting Alice to give up, prompting Carol to let slip to a devastated Alice that Joey is sleeping with Janine! Joey’s motives for his affair with Janine are later revealed when he confesses to Kat that he knows Janine killed Michael and he’s going to prove it.

Sadie is surprised by Jake’s chipper mood as he reveals he’s accepted the job in Scarlett’s. When Jake sees Lauren in the Square he tells her to stay away from him, before joining an oblivious Sadie. Angry and hurt, Lauren returns home to discover Max has found her sketch of Jake. Lauren tears it into pieces.