Alfie is paranoid about Kat as she continues to lie, telling him she threw away the pawn shop slip for her mum’s ring as she could never afford to retrieve it. When he later hears her telling someone she loves them, he does redial on the number, only to discover it’s her dad Charlie. Michael offers to drop Kat off when she needs to stay with an unwell Charlie. After Kat’s departure Alfie finds her mum’s engagement ring in a drawer!

Lauren is desperately missing Joey and she talks Lucy into going to the club with her. When Lucy sees Joey behind the bar she wants to go, but Joey is soon flirting with Lucy. Lauren is hurt when Joey goes back home with Lucy. As things start to heat up Joey calls a halt, telling Lucy he’s in love with someone else!

Lola panics when she discovers Sharon moving her belongings out of Phil’s, as Sharon reveals Phil has announced their ‘split’. Sharon tries to reassure Lola, who is terrified that it will impact on Lexi’s residency case. Shirley leaves Lola in tears by insisting that Phil is evil and they’ll never get Lexi back. Sharon is furious with Shirley for making Lola so upset.