Alfie has a life-changing decision to make!

Roxy has a moment of fear after Kat’s unexpected arrival at the church. When Kat leaves without saying a word, a relieved Roxy says her vows. After exchanging rings and signing the register, however, Alfie breaks down, admitting he kissed Kat. Realising that Alfie is still in love with Kat, a heartbroken Roxy knows it can’t work between them, telling him to go after her…

After Alfie says his vows, Kat runs out of the church, jumping into the cab with Bianca to go the airport with Tommy. Bianca and Kat share an emotional goodbye. Meanwhile, Alfie is determined to get to Kat before she leaves, taking off after her with Ian. After an epic journey to get there, Alfie finds Kat already on the plane, but charms his way onto it before take off. Declaring his love to Kat, he’s dragged off by security. Alfie thinks it’s over – until Kat emerges from the plane with Tommy – and they reunite with a kiss.

Roxy heads to her ruined wedding reception without Alfie then hits the vodka. When Ronnie spots Roxy drunkenly flirting with Carl, she drags her outside for a talk. Arguing about Ronnie being right all along, Roxy finally breaks down on Ronnie, who comforts her sobbing sister.